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What is brand photography, you may ask. It is photography for your brand that uses intentional visual images to convey the vision that you have for your business. Why would you consider brand photography for your business? Well, unless you have the time to come up with these images on your own, then by all means, show us what you got. But if you are like most entrepreneurs that I know, running your own business takes a lot of your time and energy, let alone take images of your products. Most business owners I know do not want to go through all the that trouble and would rather hire a photographer to take it for them. If you are going to do it that route why not hire a Brand Photographer such as myself. What makes me an expert in this area? Well, I do all the work for you. You give me a list of key shots that you want to have and I will find the place and I create a mood board of images that will match the vision of your brand. As a photographer, I understand that with the right kind of images photographs will convey the message that you want your followers to see about what you do and what your product stands for. As your photographer, I plan the brand session based on your objectives and goals. We discuss your needs and I price you based on your needs not try to sell you something that you don't want. My job is to help your business get noticed in this visual world of social media. Your images should convey an emotion that grab your viewers' attention to engage and get connected with you. But people will connect with people, not texts. They want to see the person behind the company, because its you and your personality that sets you apart from the many small businesses out there. Your brand is what makes you unique and interesting and why not do it right by using a professional to capture the side of you that every client should expect to see when they choose you.


If you are interested to hear more about what I can offer you, please leave me your info and lets schedule a time for a consult so that I can help you with your needs to grow in the social media market this year.


Here are success stories and images from my brand photography of these amazing individuals.

Here is Nicole Williams, a personal trainer who believes in helping other women not only to stay in shape but also to feel good about themselves. Fitness is not just to loose weight but also inspires one to be confident about themselves. Nicole teaches women to be self disciplined and her example encourages other to push themselves. She is strong but also gentle, her kindness inspires others and you wouldn't know about her unless you see her for the lovely person that she is. So my job was to convey the other side of the personal trainer at the gym, she is dedicated to working with you outside of the gym and be your own personal coach. She takes her fitness seriously and her life and actions reflects that. 

Brand Photography



When you choose brand photography through me, you will get product shoots, headshots, and a variety of images that you can use to post for your website or social media. Along with this, you will get professional headshots that you can use to show people who you are, whether on your website in the About pages or on Linked In. Here is Angelice Foreman, a dietician who is also a Nutritional Coach. Here are a few of her headshots and one of her in the field.


Waiting on ClientWaiting on Client

There are other inspirational women who are life coaches and counselors but you wouldn't know them unless you see who they are and what they stand for. These are headshots that are inviting. These women are loving and it shows by their genuine smiles that they just want to help people and their service is something of value because they will invest, not only in your physically wellbeing but also in the areas of your spiritual and mental.

                   Rebecca Williams, Couples Therapist                                                 Shonda Padron, Life Coach






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