Foundation Posing during an Engagement Shoot

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If you read my previous blogs, you understand why an engagement session is just that important. This is what I tell all of my Brides and Grooms: "The things that we go over during your engagement session will lead you to having better images on your wedding day." I am writing this blog for two audiences: the wedding photographer and the Client, which in this case is the Bride and Groom. 


To the Photographer who is aspiring to do full time wedding photography:

A word of advice: You do not want your first time photo session with your Bride and Groom to be on their wedding day. This is so stressful and chaotic for you and the participants as is. I remembered how nervous I got when I showed up on a wedding day to find that this was our first meet up. I was so nervous. I literally felt like I was following them around taking any photos that I get a chance to. We did not built a rapport with each other, so I didn't know how to give out my suggestions for the photos because I didn't want to intrude. That was mistake #1. I didn't take charge but you know who did? The videographer! Except he doesn't provide the clients with a timeless image, that was my job. He kept putting the Bride and Groom in the worst possible lights ever. In harsh direct sunlight and spotty lights underneath the trees, I was mortified. Then to make matters worst, he kept getting in my shots. It was a nightmare. But I felt like I couldn't say anything because I don't think the Bride and Groom would trust my judgement. That was mistake #2. I didn't speak up or educate. So learning from all of my past, here are my tips for you, dear fellow photographers. I am not saying that I got it all figured out but I am finding success in this and I would love for you to use it as well. 


To the Bride and Groom:

I know that planning a wedding is hard and costly. I mean, I am married myself. But choosing the right photographer doesn't have to be. In fact, the right photographer will go with the flow of your wedding timeline and if they are smart, that is their photography timeline as well. What I mean by this is that your photographer should be involved in your timeline, not as a coordinator but as someone who will capture your event as you had envisioned it but with their expertise on the photographs. People don't realize it but photos speak a thousand words, so you only have one shot to get it right. And believe me when I say this, that is a lot of pressure for us as a photographer. But how do we work together on your wedding day? Point #1: Establish a relationship with your photographer. I'm sorry but one or two conversations over the phone is not enough. Believe me, I learned that the hard way. I showed up after countless conversations of prepping and planning with my Bride and on the day of the wedding, I was still a stranger taking their pictures. It wasn't their fault and its not like they haven't seen my work, I mean thats why they choose me, right? But what was missing was their experience with me in previous shoots. In this case, during the engagement session. So one way that you can built a rapport with your photographer is to do an engagement session with them. That way on your wedding day, it will not be your first time meeting them. Not to say that you can't still have a great experience even if you didn't book them as your engagement photographer. But you will miss out on great photos. And what I mean with this is that great photo takes time and time is not what you have at a wedding day. 90 percent of the time, the wedding timeline does not go as planned and everyone has to make adjustments to that. But the person's job that will be effected the most is your photographer because photos will be the first to be cut out when it comes to a shortage of time. That means, your scheduled of 1 hour couples photo session can be as short as 30 minutes now. The photographer not only has to be innovative with their time but also has to try to capture you with limited instructions on how you should pose. So if you want those timeless pictures that you see on Pinterest, that takes time. Point #2: Work with your photographer on posing. Guys, this is can be done through two ways. Your photographer will either pose you the same way they pose all of their clients or you pose yourself without their help. Remember, we are working under pressure and like my previous message to the photographers was, I can give suggestions but will you take it? Consider this is our first meet up and there are no trust built. What if I suggest something and get shut down and you end up posing yourself. I don't know but let's not leave room for that. This goes to my next point #2: Engagement Session is a time to practice your posing. 


With SuStudios Photography, we recommend you booking an engagement session with us for this reason. In the short amount of timeframe that we have, we want your experience to be with us as relaxing as it can be because you have other things to worry about. Let us help you prepare for your wedding day pictures. I can guarantee you that you will feel confident not only in trusting us but confident in how you feel about your photos. Here is Berlyn and David's Engagement Session. Super cute couple that are so sweet and reserved when they started, to being super comfortable and relaxed halfway through the session. They mastered the foundation poses perfectly and had so much fun doing it as well.

Here's their first picture with me.


Here is Berlyn and David now, using the poses that I educated them on.


                                    This is pose is called the V-Up. This pose will be used for their family formals and bridal party pictures.


Here, we have the Close Pose. They can either press closer to each other or to give it a more intimate feel, their body can completely face each other.


                                                               Then we introduce you how to do fun poses like the Lift and the Dip.



And that Ladies and Gentlemen, are some of the poses that we will go over with you during your engagement session. Like I mentioned before, your engagement session is a chance for you to get to know your photographer, to built trust and and be educated by them. When you book your engagement shoot with SuStudios, you will not only get to know your photographer but you will feel more relaxed and confident on your wedding day. Thank you for reading this blog. We hope you take this journey with us. 


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