Five Reasons to Get a Professional Headshot

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Five Reasons to Get a Professional Headshot

The investment in a high-quality professional headshot is a direct investment in your brand. Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or a local small business, a great headshot will show you at your best, precisely how you’d like potential clients to see you. Since most of us can feel awkward in front of a camera, an amateur photographer may only serve to create photos that are a poor unrealistic representation of who we are and our professionalism. On the other hand, a professional photographer can provide guidance and encouragement to bring out the best of our personality, creating stunning professional images. Photos that we would be proud to share with anyone. 


A professional photographer can also advise on wardrobe, color schemes, backdrops, and natural vs artificial lighting in order to match your brand and vision. 

Most business owners are already aware of the massive influence social media and internet presence has on promoting a company brand. However, few may realize the impact of a high quality, digitally enhanced headshot can have on a social media platform, internet page, and even a simple profile. The old adage “you only get one chance to make a first impression” has never been more true. 


Here are five reasons why every business and professional needs a great Headshot:

  1. People see your professionalism. If you look professional and trustworthy, prospective clients and other professionals, who have never met you, will be much more likely to meet with you. 

  2. A great headshot provides your audience with a window into your personality. Are you easy to work with, are you determined, are you sincere, are you friendly, are you confident? Since a picture “is worth a thousand words”, your audience can connect with you instantaneously through your headshot. 

  3. It reminds people of who you are. Have you ever been to a networking event and completely forgot which card belongs to who? A headshot helps your centers of influence remember who you are and what value you provide. 

  4. A recent headshot helps people see the “real” you. Have you ever seen a LinkedIn profile picture of someone from 20 years ago, and when you see them in person, they look totally different? This type of experience can give your audience a feeling of inauthenticity and can even work against building trust and rapport, so don’t do it. 

  5. Looking your best builds your confidence. Providing prospective clients and other professionals with a polished high-quality representation of yourself will reduce the anxiety that comes along with stressing over a first impression. You are then able to focus on doing what you do best, being yourself. 


You probably already know the need for a quality headshot, and I’m hoping this post has given you the small “nudge” you needed to seek out a professional photographer and book your session today. I want to recommend searching and finding the right photographer for you. It may be as simple as reviewing the photographer's work and making sure they are a good fit. In any case, here are a few photographer questions to help with your search: Are they highly and positively reviewed by former clients? Does their portfolio fit your style and vision? Do they have experience shooting headshots? Are they flexible, can they come to your location? Will they restrict where you can use or post your headshots? 

Although you may be tempted to choose a budget-friendly portrait shot from a department store, I recommend that you don’t skimp out, and instead invest in a quality product that you will be proud to show others. Who knows, the investment may prove to open opportunities and new business, paying multiple dividends now and into the future. 









Susan Arevalo


SuStudios Photography

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