Picture this: 

You are waiting for your turn to do a photo shoot. You are not nervous because you have been doing this since the start of the year. The makeup artist and hair stylist wraps up with last minute details and the wardrobe that you have on is from a boutique that will use your images to promote their clothing and accessories. The camera clicks and lights flash as your pose comes at ease. You are secure about your body, no matter the size. You were taught to be confident and to love yourself…and the smile in your eyes tell others that you are beautiful, inside and out. You see your peers cheering you on as they help to make the session fun. You laugh feeling connected with them because you have been bonding with these girls all summer- doing team photo shoots and community outreach. You can’t wait to start school knowing that the next images that you post on Facebook or Instagram…is the new you! 


Hi, my name is Susan Arevalo and I am a professional photographer who specializes in portrait photography. The scenario above is the kind of experience that the teens in my Senior Model Program will receive. The candidates for this program are current juniors in high school that will be transitioning to their senior year. They will be working with me during the spring, summer and fall. They will experience first hand what it feels like to be a model as they work with stylists, makeup artists and other creatives on site. This is not a cutthroat modeling agency that promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Every senior that comes into my program will have the opportunity to experience an awareness that will leave them with the beliefs that they are lovable and valuable. This program uses modeling as a way to build up self-esteem in young teen girls and it also promotes positive social relationships. Along with photo shoots, the teen models will learn how to work together as a team as they participate in community outreach and workshops. Studies have shown that when teens regularly contribute to a larger cause, they learn to think beyond themselves, which will help them to be more positive, empowered, and purposeful. As they grow together in discipline and hard work, the teen models learn how to collaborate with one another and positively support each other. 


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